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Tuesday 24 March 2020

A Couple of Strawbs

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 21 - The Strawbs - Heartbreak Hill

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 22 - The Strawbs - The Broken Hearted Bride

Two for one today.
Part of the Union by The Strawbs was the first single I ever bought (along with Tie a Yellow Ribbon by Dawn). I'm also aware that Sandy Denny was briefly a member of Strawbs but wasn't aware that Rick Wakeman  was also briefly a member also.

So when I saw the above two CDs above for a pound in the Community Shop in Whithorn for a pound I thought why not, it will be nice to hear a bit of folk.
Sadly that was not the case. It is horrible ghastly prog rock of the worst possible kind - the sort of stuff that George would  probably like.

Heartbeak Hill was recorded in 1978 but not released until 1995.The only interesting thing I can find to say about it is:
The album was referred to in a Viz cartoon strip entitled "Spot The Clue with Tim Westwood". The strip was a detective story in which, in a bizarre twist, the killer was caught after claiming that they had been listening to a selection of vinyl LPs including Heartbreak Hill, which due to the various legal issues surrounding its release had not been issued on vinyl at the time the strip was published.

The other tracks on 2008's The Broken Hearted Bride may be brilliant for all I know but having listened to Heartbreak Hill in its entirity I could only bring myself to listen to the title track.

I was going to swiftly dispatch them from whence they came until a quick check on Discogs suggested that I could get around 30 quid for the pair of them. Hmmm ...


  1. These are two of the very worst tracks you have ever posted. If I could be arsed, I would go through everything you've done on these pages and see if I could actually locate anything worse, and I'm not sure there would be. ANd that includes that short series of purchases that you were gong to send back anyway.

  2. You've really sold these tracks to us, CC!

  3. You can understand why I didn't lsten to the 2nd album.
    Was tempted not to subject you to these but have committed to featuring all charity shop purchases for the year

    1. We take the rough with the smooth! All part of the fun :-)

  4. I don't think Part of the Union is too bad as first purchases go. I mean, it's no Bruce Willis - Respect Yourself, but it'll do.