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Sunday 29 March 2020

Let's Groove

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 25 - Earth, Wind & Fire  - Let's Groove- The Best Of

The second and final Newton Stewart purchase and the last charity shop purchase for the foreseeable future was Let's Groove - The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Chosen by Mrs CC and, whisper it, it  may be even better than Kim Wilde.

Some splendid funk ,soul and above all disco from Maurice White and friends
A bit like Kim Wilde and Kids in America you can't possible feature EWF without posting the magnificant Boogie Wonderland.
Up until now I didn't know that it also featured The Emotions. Somewhat criminally it did not reach number 1 anywhere when released in 1978. It peaked at number 4 in the UK and was not even their highest single as both September and Let's Groove reached number 3.

Earth, Wind & Fire (with The Emotions) - Boogie Wonderland

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove


  1. 3 cracking tracks from one of the greatest bands ever. I wish I'd seen them live but have to content myself with a few hour long shows on YouTube.

    Boogie Wonderland is an incredible mix of vocals and musical instruments. The "official" video is something I watch over and over and now I can watch it on my TV. Seeing EWF & The Emotions singing and dancing makes my heart soar.

  2. September is a favorite in this household. My kids learned of it from Night at the Museum, and they have been putting it on mixes for years. Can't wait to see what they think of these other two.

  3. A great feel-good band that I've always loved. Like Brian's kids my daughter is a big fan of September after it was used to great effect in the finale of Night At The Museum. Lets hope that by September we are out the other side of this thing.