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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Covers 10: Donny Hathaway does John Lennon

George writes:
A few years ago, maybe ten, I’m not sure, there was a programme on UK TV where a well-known person brought in some of their favourite records and discussed them with a panel of musos, one of whom was Danny Baker. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? ( on this particular occasion, or ever ..... Ed). ANYWAY, someone brought in a Donny Hathaway album, and Danny Baker let a great “wah hey” of joy, pure and unexpected delight, and waxed lyrical about what a great album it was. I’d never heard anything by Donny Hathaway apart from that duet with Roberta Flack. I went out and bought a set of his records. And there’s some belting music on them, absolutely belting. And this is one well worth listening to:

How good was THAT? You will not hear a better song today, that  is, well, fantastic. Far far superior to Lennon’s thin-voiced whiny original, and better than Bryan Ferry’s Lennon-tribute version (which I actually have a soft spot for, and own on 7”)

Look, just go and buy Donny Hathaway “Live”, his 1972 album.

You know what to expect now, so here’s Daniel Taubkin

Another one next week


  1. I remember the programme. That is possible my favourite live album after The Velvet Underground Matrix Tapes. Especially on the cover of You've Got A Friend you can feel the happiness in the room, a sublime record

    1. thanks Drew, I'm glad I didn't just dream that up.