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Monday 16 March 2020

Blind Willie McTell - The Classic Years

Yesterday I was playing some Bob Dylan when my favourite song of his Blind Willie McTell popped up. As it has featured here before on more than one occasion I thought it better that I actiully feature the man himself.
A good few years ago I ordered a Blind Willie album from Red Lick records who used to sent out superb coloured catalogues in the days before the internet. They got back to me and suggested that for a couple of quid more I could get a 4 CD box set. Naturally I took them up on that splendid suggestion. What great service.
The boxset it question is The Classic Years 1927 -1940 with the four CDs covering various recording sessions.

Disc 1 - October 1927 - October 1931 - Atlanta
Disc 2 - October 1931 - September 1933 - Atlanta and New York City
Disc 3 - September 1933 - April 1935 - New York and Chicago
Disc 4 - November 1940 - Atlanta

It may well come in handy if I require to self isolate.

Being a generous sort here is one from each of the four

Blind Willie McTell - Writin' Paper Blues

Blind Willie McTell - It's Your Turn To Worry

Blind Willie McTell - Bell Street Blues

Blind Willie McTell - Dying Crapshooter's Blues

We will be away for a couple of days this week (coronavirus permitting) so apologies in advance for the reduced service

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  1. Good companion read if you have to self-isolate, which will happen probably: Michael Gray's Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes - In Search Of Blind Willie McTell.