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Sunday 28 July 2019

Vintage Country Vinyl - George Jones (again)

George Jones is one of the artists in this series who also featured last time round
However it has to be said that the recently acquired 15 Golden Classics Vol 1 is not a patch on the previously featured Poor Man's Riches.
It  also could perhaps be argued that the title is somewhat of a misnomer.
It seems to me that George is going through the motions somewhat but let's face it even when he is going through the motions he is head and shoulders above most other Country singers.

I'm not entirely sure whether this one is a keeper.

George Jones - Tarnished Angel

George Jones - On the Banks of the Ponchertrain


  1. 15 Golden Classics Vol 1 isn't one of George Jones' best albums, but I love the opener "Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me".

  2. Somewhat too much use of the word somewhat in this post

  3. George Jones' vocal on "On The Banks Of The Ponchertrain" is splendid. It saves the song totally. And Tarnished Angel is a fine fine song. What is not to like????

  4. Are these 2 Golden Classics the best of the 15 on the album?

  5. These two volumes were strange indeed... and they came from Switzerland! Still, nice to hear these this Sunday morning.