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Monday, 1 July 2019

Sleigh Ride in July

Those of you tuning in for my proposed new Noisy Music Monday series may be a bit surprised to see Julie London. Although if that rocket went off it would probably be pretty loud.

The reason being that songs from Julie's Calendar Girl album appear on the first of the month and existing series trump new ones. Something noisy next Monday, promise.

This moths offering is Sleigh Ride in July  a song by Johnny Burke and  Jimmy Van Heusen.
The album blurb says:
It's sad to report that no month is safe for a girl. The girl in this tune got her's right in the middle of July. But the weather was good.
No, me neither

Julie London - Sleigh Ride in July


  1. The polar (sleigh ride) opposite of a Noisy Monday song but lovely all the same. She certainly was a bit racy that Julie London.

  2. All of a sudden I'm feeling patriotic.