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Friday, 19 July 2019


My i-pod Classic is a bit gubbed these days. It works ok on the docking station but the on/lock switch is broken and for a while I was having problems getting it to work properly  when I was on the move.
These problems now seem to have been resolved and I have taken it for playing at work for the quieter summer days.
One song on the shuffle stopped me in my tracks the other day.
It was a song called You'd Rather Run from an album called Autumn Fallin' by someone called Jaymay.
Further investigation was clearly required and any pretence of work was swiftly abandoned.

The internet tells me that this was the debut album by Jaymay which was released in November 2007 on the Heavenly label.
Jaymay is the stage name of American singer songwriter Jamie Seerman.
All the information I need to track down a copy. Fortunately it appears to be easily and cheaply available on Discogs.

Jaymay - You'd Rather Run


  1. CC, that is a bloody brilliant song

  2. ....and I have just bought the album

  3. Twice as many comments as post views so far!

  4. George isn't wrong, it's a little charmer of a song.

  5. Drew posted this a few years ago I think- I'd forgotten about it. Very nice.

  6. Yes, great song, really taken with it but as it drew on it naggingly reminded me of something else which I couldn't properly place but eventually it sounded Dylanesque (pseuds corner I know) and in the end I've settled on To Ramona from Another Side of Bob Dylan. Anyone agree?

    1. It reminded me of an Elvis Costello song, but I can't place it