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Thursday 4 July 2019

The St Andrews Vinyl Extravanganza # 5

I played four of the seven vinyl albums that I got for a pound apiece in St Andrews  a few months ago and then the series petered out.
The reason? Apart from the fact that I couldn't be bothered was that of the remaining three, two were second albums by artists already featured, and I never got round to giving the final one a listen.

As you can see from the picture it is Physical Graffiti a double Led Zeppelin album (their 6th studio one) from 1975 and it is the one with the sleeve which has a lot of little windows cut out  with the inner sleeves providing the pictures to fill in the gaps.
Not sure that I've explained that very well but most of you will be familiar with it.

I've never been a Led Zep fan. I have II and IV because in the days when I took notice of such things people told me they were the one's to get. I wasn't really fussed about this one but  like the White Album by The Beatles I wasn't about to turn it down for a quid.Discogs advises me that I could probably get in excess of 30 quid for it.
I am considering it an investment.

In the meantime here is Thursday's Long Song

Led Zeppilin - Kashmir


  1. Kashmir has been sampled more than once

    1. Presumably they all credited Led Zep who were guilty of not crediting the old Bluesmen!

  2. I bought the first Led Zeppelin in 1969 and my favourite track was "Your Time Is Gonna Come" which fades into an acoustic guitar track "Black Mountain Side" which is exactly the same as a track on Bert Jansch's "Jack Orion" LP from 1966 - and that was a cover of the traditional English folk song "Down by Blackwaterside".

    To be fair to Jimmy Page he did credit Bert Jansch in interviews at the time.

    Didn't bother with the rest of Zep's output but the opening riff of Kashmir is fandabidozi!

  3. A quid for an original copy of 'Physical Graffiti'? Meanwhile in East Anglia, Charity Shops are asking £5-£10 for LPs by people like Johnny Mathis, Val Doonican and Joe Longthorne!

  4. "I've never been a (insert any iconic, semi-iconic band/artist here - in your case Led Zepp) fan". Me and my mates have had great fun/arguments/fall outs down the years with this dictum ranging from sheer disbelief - "Whaddya mean you've never liked the Beatles, how can anyone NOT like The Beatles?" to "ah yes they're (whichever band) a curate's egg but the singles are OK" etc etc. Mostly, people stick to first impressions and are reluctant to reconsider - after all, it's a big thing to spare time you don't feel you can spare, to listen again to an artist/band you've already decided you don't like! At best, people will grudgingly admit that yes, they can see why so and so is popular. Er.....I've lost my thread now so I'll stfu. Could be a new theme for you though to replace the Double Letter series - Artists I've Never Liked haha