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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Now Hear More of This!

The final of the four recently acquired compilations which are being recycled to charity given space issues is another one entitled Now Here This! - this time from October 2006.
Although some of the songs are alright I struggled for a couple to keep and share with you today.

To start of I've gone for one I already had I Drink by Mary Gauthier. The blurb says it was taken from the album Mercy Now but I have it on Drag Queens in Limousines.
In the early stages of our relationship I took Mrs CC to see Mary at The Arches but we had to leave as she found it too depressing. This song probably featured.

The other is an absolute belter and one I thought of saving for George's State of the Union series but i can't wait that long. Here is Lost in Boston by The Walkmen. A band I am vaguely aware of but one who I clearly have to find out more about and to get some of there music.The album from whence this came A Hundred Miles Off could probably be a good place to start.

Mary Gauthier - I Drink

The Walkmen - Lost in Boston

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