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Monday 15 July 2019

A Splendid Racket - Weld

My research for this post consisted of listening to both discs of Weld on the commute to and from work  last week. All 16 tracks, all 121 minutes and 49 seconds.
A live album from 1991.Neil claims that he permanently damaged his hearing while mixing the album. I may have done the same while listening to it.
Neil Young at his thrashiest. Crazy Horse at their craziest. Look at those amps!!

There were about half a dozen classic songs in contention. After much deliberation I've gone for this one which at 14 minutes means it can double up as a Monday Long Song.

My abiding memory of this song was it being belted  out by me and three others  in a taxi late at night as we criss-crossed Edinburgh  to pick up a carry out after climbing some scaffolding but prior to getting a taxi to St Abbs and back (about an 80 mile round trip). Drink was involved.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse -Like a Hurricane


  1. I recall having my ears blown off by Neil and Crazy Horse during a live version of "Fu**in' Up a few years back.

    1. That's one of the tracks on the album FBCB

  2. The 'American Stars'n Bars' original is immense and the 'Live Rust' performance takes the song to another level, but this might be my favourite version of 'Like a Hurricane'.

  3. Sometimes....OK, often....OK, probably most of the time, words aren't enough.