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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Double Initials -ZZ

and so the end is near
As you can see we are handing out medals today as we have finally made it to the end of the alphabet.
Also 6 months in I'm beginning to question my own rules or the lack of them.
Let's get today's offerings out the way first.

Never mind saving the best til last . First up is the great Blues/soul man Z.Z. Hill. Sadly his first two initials were actually A.J as he was in fact called Arzell J. Hill

Arzell is followed by two typically eclectic offerings from Ernie Goggins
We start with some Ethiopian rap (and why wouldn't you?)  courtesy of Ziggy Zaga ably assisted by Teddy Yo with a little ditty called Sawa Sawelegin.

Then we have early 70's Lafayette power pop band  Zuider Zee with Ackbar Didedar from their album Zenith

We finish as you would expect with the two guys with beards and Frank Beard.

Right that's the music out of the way.
This series has been enormous fun and has probably been the most interactive one to date.
A huge thanks to all of you who made suggestions in the comments section and to all of you who provided me with songs for this series particularly Ernie and Ramone666
I certainly would not have managed to complete the whole alphabet without you.

Suggestions for other series welcomed,
I've got something more mundane lined up for the next few Saturdays

Z.Z.Hill - Don't Make Promises

Ziggy Zaga -Sawa Sawelegn (featuring Teddy Yo)

Zuider Zee - Ackbar Didedar

Z.Z.Top - Sharp Dressed Man


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks in no small measure to your good self

  2. It was a great idea for a series, well done.

  3. A very enjoyable series CC. I was sorry to have missed a few weeks in the middle of it.

  4. Thanks, CC. But what am I going to do with my Saturday mornings now?

  5. Well done on your mighty musical endeavour!

  6. Great fun CC and a chance to delve back into the deepest darkest depths of my mind searching for weirdly named bands I'd long forgotten.

  7. A very enjoyable series. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  8. Nice one. A good series for sure.

  9. Indeed that was fun, mate, well done! If it's 'Numbers' next, my choice would be 'Fallen' by 1 Dove, please!