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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Some Alvin ... But No Stardust

It has been a wee while since the legend that is Dave Alvin has graced these pages. Time to put that right.

I had dug out a live album by Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men called Out in California  but sadly the recording quality was pretty poor.
There is of course always a plan B.
Here are a couple of tracks from what I consider to be his masterpiece, 2004's Ashgrove, on the ever reliable Yep Roc label out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If, God forbid, you only have room in your life for one Dave Alvin album this should be the one.

The first number would not be out of place in  Rol's epic Radio Songs series.
The second song is about his father's dementia. It is amazing how someone can write and sing such a beautiful song about such an awful condition.

Dave Alvin - Nine Volt Heart

Dave Alvin - The Man in the Bed

Shockingly low viewing figures as of 7pm.
Only 5 views so far. Philistines!

George has suggested that a video of Alvin Stardust may help.
I have my doubts but  here goes:


  1. You were right, it didn't help! Nice (if sad) song though. A companion song to John Prine's Hello In There

  2. I must've missed this one. Always good to hear Dave Alvin - I've been a big fan since "Romeo's Escape".

  3. You just can't go wrong with Alvin Stardust, That was the very first singe I ever bought, and I still have it.

    1. I had a pair of black PVC gloves and a large stainless steel ring at the time (they were all the rage), so we had great fun doing impressions of him with the hairbrush for a mic.