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Monday 22 July 2019

A Splendid Racket - Adore Life

It was The Robster from the much missed Is This the Life? blog who first brought English post punk band Savages to my attention.

Adore Life is their second album , Silence Yourself being the first.
I was quite surprised to note that it was released as far back as January 2016 (on the Matador label) as I didn't think it was quite as old as that.A sure sign that I am getting older.
It got to number 26 in the UK  charts and was also a a Mercury Prize nominee.It garnered a fair amount of critical praise and indeed hype.

Lead singer Jehnny Beth is often compared to Siouxsie Sioux and it is easy to see why.

Critic Ludovic Hunter-Tilney described the music as, "Distorted guitars set up flayed layers of sound, backed by sinewy drums and bass"
Meets the criteria for this series then.

Savages - The Answer

Savages - I Need Something New

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  1. Listened to both tracks beginning to end (always like to give things a go) but have to admit I was hoping for the end soon after they began. My first thought was that it was an age thing - you're 58 but I raise you 7 (alright I raise you 7 and 10/12ths) and that my delicate ears these days can't deal with noise but then realised that 40 odd years ago a lot of what my delicate ears liked then was a very noisy racket too and what I'm really thinking is that Savages just aren't very good. There were loads of not very good bands back then too. If that qualifies me for dinosaur status then I don't mind.