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Saturday, 20 July 2019

More Sweet Saturday Sounds

Last Saturday Rachel Sweet, this Saturday Matthew Sweet.
In the absence of a new Saturday series a couple of Sweet Treats to keep you going.

From 1995 on the Zoo Entertainment label 100% Fun is Matthew Sweet's 5th album and one of the two of his that I own, the other being 1999's In Reverse. I'm told that Girlfriend is the one to get.
Described as alt rock although Mr Sweet is widely considered to be  the king of powerpop.
Apparently the album is best known for the single Sick of Myself.I prefer the two tracks below myself.

We are off on holiday for a few days tomorrow so there will be a reduced service  round these parts with regular series only until we get back (hopefully armed with new material).

Matthew Sweet - We're The Same

Matthew Sweet - Everything Changes


  1. Sweet's run of albums from 1991-99, 'Girlfriend' to 'In Reverse', is spectacular. Each and every one of them is worth picking up.
    Have a great holiday. Hope you find some more bargains.

  2. I'll echo the Swede's comments. I have a pal who tells me his most recent couple of albums have been very good as well, but I have lost track of him. There was a time in the early '90s when I probably would have said he was my favorite artist.

  3. Have a great hol CC.
    Re. M Sweet - first song I ever heard by him was Superdeformed, still sounds great/