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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

With a Fascist in the White House

Even by his own extraordinarily low standards Donald Trump has excelled himself with his latest series of racist tweets
If you or I or indeed  most government officials were to tweet something similar we would quite rightly be in danger of losing our jobs. The man clearly feels that he is above the law.
Shortly he will be joined by our very own blonde buffoon who also has previous when it comes to racism.

The post title is a line from a song called 2016 by Nadine Shah a singer and songwriter from Whithburn in South Tyneside on her  2017 album Holiday Destination  which received a nomination. for the 2018 Mercury Prize 
Sadly Nadine has personal experience of this dangerous and devisive rhetoric that Trump is spouting

“people were starting to say to me on social media: ‘Go back to where you come from’, and I was like: ‘What? Whitburn?’”

Nadine doesn't shy away with difficult subjects with the title track Holiday Destination tackling the Syrian refugee crisis. As she says she sings of things that are still going on but not front page news anymore

How You Gonna Sleep Tonight?
A question which I suspect probably won't trouble the current incumbent of the White House.

Holiday Destination is the only vinyl album I have which has music on three sides and nothing on the fourth side which is kind of strange.

Nadine Shah - 2016


  1. Well said CC. I just can't understand how he's getting away with it.
    I have just read the text of The Resolution to condemn Trump for his racism that they're voting on today, fascinating and heartening words:

  2. It gets worse and worse. I'm fully expecting him to announce the presidential election is suspended or find a reason to overrule the result.

  3. Yes, as C has just commented. well said CC.

    The world is being taken over by "blond buffoons/baboons".

  4. The British bombing of Syria is a war crime. The shambling pathetic attempt to desatbilise and destroy a proud and decent vcountry is utterly criminal. Britain should never have joined America and Israel's plans.
    A country must defend its borders - or it isn't a country anymore. That is an existential threat. Thank f*ck Syria, the Syrian People and Assad are winning.
    But Syria's been bombed back to the Stona Age. British, US and Israeli Unranium and White Phosphorous everywhere. There will be a reckoning one day I think. I hope I'm not here for it.

    1. I don't know all the ins and outs but Assad has committed some atrocities against his own people