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Monday 29 July 2019

A Splendid Racket -Trompe le Monde

If the title of a series is A Splendid Racket it is obviously compulsory that the Pixies should feature.
It would also be foolhardy in the extreme to ignore a song called Planet of Sound.

From 1991 Trompe Le Monde was the fourth album by the Pixies and the last of the four classic albums by the band before they split the others being Surfer Rosa, Doolittle and Bossanova.
It would be 2014 before the band released another album but they never came close to reproducing the brilliance of this run of records by the classic line up of Black Francis (vocals/guitar), Kim Deal (bass/vocals), David Lovering (drums) and Joey Santiago(lead guitar)

More noisy stuff next Monday

Pixies - Planet of Sound

Pixies -U-Mass


  1. Is it acceptable behaviour to listen to A Splendid Racket (Pixies) whilst sitting in underpants?

  2. Not enough Kim Deal on this album, but that's the only fault. Got a lot of love for these selections.