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Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Class of 2006 - August Revisited

I've just about reached the bottom of the pile of charity shop CD's picked up on my travels between September and November.
One is Uncut: The Playlist August 2006 purchased in the Mental Health charity shop in Stranraer. It was 50p so I thought I would chance it as I wasn't sure if I already had it.
Checked the shelves and it wasn't there so seems I'm sorted. Or am I?

Checked the blog archives to see which Golden Smog songs I've featured and the one on the CD Listen Joe popped up
Turns out I posted it August 2017 when I featured Uncut: The Playlist August 2006 which I had bought in Stranraer and subsequently returned. So it looks as though I have bought this twice in Stranraer and who knows it may even be the same copy.

For the obligatory Americana track then you  are getting Sufjan Stevens instead of Golden Smog.
I've featured Venus in Furs before, Indeed it was one of the very first songs to feature on the blog, However it was the version by the Ukranians as opposed to the Velvets. Here then is the original.

Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche

Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs


  1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana.

  2. I hate that feeling when you’re in the shop holding an album and that doubt starts to seep in... wait, don’t I have this one? Never used to happen, but it’s happened quite a few times in recent years. I used to have encyclopedic knowledge of these things.

  3. Echo that. I have a pile of duplicates staring at me now. Always console myself by thinking that out of a couple of thousand CDs, a dozen repeats is a pretty good ratio. It used to really annoy me but when you're in your dotage, you can rationalise anything/everything!