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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Memphis v Nashville 8

There was an emphatic win last week for Michael Chapman with Memphis in Winter over Jon Langford's Nashville Radio.
Memphis therefore gains a slender lead again with the scores now Memphis 4 Nashville 3

This week it is two Country ladies up against each other. It is Sheryl versus Heather.
In the Memphis corner is the more famous of the two Sheryl Crow with the title track from her eight album 100 Miles from Memphis released in 2010

The Nashville offering is Heather Myles with Nashville's Gone Hollywood from her album Sweet Talk and Good Lies.
An easy one for me this week. I'm going for Honky Tonk Heather. Others, as always may chose to differ

We are getting close to the first to 5 . I'm happy to end it there or if there is any demand to try for first to 10 I will carry on if I can source some more Nashville songs.

Sheryl Crow - 100 Miles From Memphis

Heather Myles -Nashville's Gone Hollywood


  1. It can only be Heather for me. That whole album is fantastic

    1. I was counting on you Ernie- the only other Heather fan I know!

  2. I was listening to Sheryl Crow and thinking what a cracking song. I then realised it was Heather Myles. My vote goes to Heather Myles.

  3. I'll give Sheryl a vote just to keep her in with a shot, although the Heather Myles song is pretty good.

  4. Enjoyed both, but Memphis/Sheryl just tips it for me.

  5. Its Sheryl for me too - As I've said before, I don't like my country to be "too country" if you know what I mean!

  6. After a few days of contemplation, I’m going Heather.

  7. Not particularly fussed either way this week to be honest but my sister's called Heather so...... Look, people voted for Brexit for less justifiable reasons than that!