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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Play That Funky Music

Mrs CC came in a couple of months ago with a couple of charity shop CDs one of which was a two albums on one CD by the Scottish funk and R&B band the Average White Band thus trebling the number of their records on the shelves.
The two albums in question are from the mid to late 70's when they were releasing records on the Atlantic label. I'll write that again THE Atlantic label!

The first song is taken from the 1975 album Benny & Us- a collaboration with Ben E King. I'll write that again - a collaboration with Ben E King!
Ben E doesn't feature in the 1978 follow up Warmer Communications a play on words  given that Warner Communications are the parent company of Atlantic..

It is pleasant enough stuff. There is nothing of the quality of Cut the Cake or Pick Up the Pieces but these two past muster.

Average White Band - What is Soul

Average White Band - Your Love is a Miracle


  1. Greta photo- the classic Umbro Scotland kit

  2. Was lucky to see them play a jam session at a Perth (Scotland) pub "The Half A Sixpence" in 1975 (if memory serves me right). "Benny & Us" was a decent album but, as you say, not in the same class as "Cut the Cake" or "Pick Up the Pieces". The AWB album should be in everybody's record collection and I love seeing their live videos on Youtube.