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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Birthday Girl

I hope that you all managed to survive the excesses of yesterday because today we get to do it all over again.
Regular readers may recall that Boxing Day is Mrs CC's birthday.
Most of our nephews are too old, and the other two too young, to be taken in by her "born the day after the Baby Jesus" patter.
By way of compensation she get's to choose today's tunes.

My Sweet Lord by George Harrison is probably her favourite ever song. I know that because she chose it last year as well.
Her second choice Working My Way Back to You by the Detroit Spinners is a bit of a belter and wouldn't have been out of place on my Disco Friday slot.

Once your feet have stopped tapping please join with me in  raising a glass and wishing Mrs CC a happy, relaxing and boozy birthday.

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

Detroit Spinners - Working My Way Back to You


  1. Good Health to you both and a Happy Birthday to Mrs CC. Please thank her for the Detroit Spinners track. I'm off to dig out one of my Spinners' compilation albums. Best Boxing Day Wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mrs. CC! Some fine tunes you've presented us with today.

  3. Many happy returns, Mrs CC. Any chance of a regular slot?

  4. I'd like to second Ernie's suggestion!

  5. Happy birthday to Mrs CC, hope she had a good one today.

  6. Hey, these two songs work nicely. Happy birthday to Mrs. CC. I hope your day is special.