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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Memphis v Nashville 7

A fairly comfortable win last week for Steve Dixon over Piney Brown which means that the scores on the doors are now Memphis 3 Nashville 3 . It has been nip and tuck all the way with neither side having established a two point lead as yet.

This week we have two stalwarts who have both been round the block a few times in their particular spheres.
The first in Michael Chapman a fairly prolific artist in the folk and jazz fields with over 40 albums to his name. He was new to me until Memphis in Winter popped up on the Mojo - Black Mountain Sides compilation from which I recently featured 75 Dollar Bill.

I've no idea how many albums Jon Langford has issued in his various guises but it could well be close to 40. He has churned out a few solo albums as well as the many collaborations. Nashville Radio comes from the 1998 Gravestone EP on the Bloodshot label.

This is the one that is up against Michael Chapman. However he produced a shorter, quicker version which appears on The Nashville Radio Companion Earwig which is included with his wonderful art book Nashville Radio:Art , Words and Music  and which is also posted for completeness.

I like the Chapman song but I can't bring myself to vote against Langford so it is Nashville for me this week.
Others, of course, may choose to differ.

Michael Chapman -Memphis in Winter

Jon Langford - Nashville Radio (Gravestone version)

Jon Langford - Nashville Radio (Earwig Version)


  1. A very very good track from Michael Chapman. Gets my vote.

  2. Difficult, but Chapman gets mine too.

  3. Jon Langford - Just too similar to an awful lot of other material out there. Michael Chapman was more original and strangely affecting. Gets my vote too.

  4. I'm backing what looks like a losing cause and going for Jon Langford, though I like them both.

  5. Rather unexpectedly the Jon Langford song reminded me of Spanish Bombs by the Clash. Does that make sense? However my preference this week is Michael Chapman, nice and dark and devilish. Memphis please!

  6. Close but going with Chapman and Memphis.

  7. On the losing side it seems this but my vote goes to Langford if only for the lyrics