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Thursday, 27 December 2018

My Record(s) of the Year

I have enjoyed reading folk's top 10 records of the year and in Rol's case a top 18.
I traditionally struggle to produce a top 10 given that most years I do not manage to purchase 10 new one's
This year however I've just about managed it so here goes.
My list controversially  includes two from 2017 which I picked up earlier this year.

 10- Tango with Lions - The Light -  some lovely Greek pop music from Inner Ear Records.
 9 - L-Space  - Kipple Arcadia - pleasant dream pop from another band from the Last Night From Glasgow stable.
 8 - Karine Polwart - Laws of Motion - on Hudson Records - one which would have undoubtedly been higher had I listened to it more often. The anti Trump songs are a highlight.
7 - Zoe Bestel - Transience - beautiful ethereal and unworldly vocals from the youg ukelele playing artist from Galloway on the LNFG label.
6 - Tracyanne and Danny - on Merge Records and on many other top 10. Great to hear the dulcet tones of Ms Campbell again. The final track O'Keefe is a particular favourite of mine.
 5 - Molly Burch -Please Be Mine - a 2017 album purchased with my Christmas money last year. Haunting Americana with shades of Paula Frazer and Tarnation.. Her debut album on Captured Tracks it was quickly followed up this year by First Flower.
4 - Carla J Easton - Impossible Stuff on Olive Grove Records. Her solo debut album. Great lyrics, a unique voice and shades of 60's pop.
3 - Beerjacket - Silver Cords is a book of short stories accompanied by a CD on the Scottish Fiction label.
I had the pleasure of seeing him perform these acoustic numbers in Some Great Reward record/coffee shop in Glasgow's Victoria Road.
2 - Kacy & Clayton -The Siren's Song - from 2017 on New West some brilliant Americana with a Laurel Canyon sound from the Canadian cousins who first came to my attention via a Mojo compilation.
1 -  Gracious Losers - The Last of the Gracious Losers - on LNFG. Brilliantly described here by Scott
A combination of country, gospel and rock by Jonathan Lilley and his 12 piece ensemble.
Their gig at the Glad Cafe was my gig of the year with the one at the Great Eastern a close second.

I've just purchased A Talent For Being Unreasonable by Wojtek the Bear and it is too early to say where they would have featured.


  1. Thanks, CC, a few things to research here, especially the Karine Polwart album which passed me by. Don't think I'll get round to a best of the year list of my own this year, but if I did Tracyanne & Danny and Kacy & Clayton would be contenders.

  2. You can't beat a list at Christmas.

  3. Still haven't gotten round to purchasing the Gracious Losers record yet. Hope you had a great Christmas Stevie boy.

  4. Gracious Losers is on the list! Gets better with each listen. Great countdown, CC.

  5. That's my January accounted for then! YouTube/Spotify here I come. So many of yours and other bloggers lists of albums of the year that I haven't even listened to let alone heard of. Thanks.....I think!

  6. Definitely some ones I want to check out there - particularly Beerjacket.