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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Crowns& Coronets # 10 - Kings of Jamaica and Scotland

This week sees Osbourne Ruddock the King of Jamaica and Kenny Anderson the King of Scotland.
If you do not recognise  the names how about King Tubby and King Creosote.

King Tubby is a legendary Jamaican sound engineer  and according to the sleeve notes of Crucial Dub he was the original founder of Dub,mentor of Lee Perry, and a hugely respected and innovative figure in Jamaican music.
Is it just me or can others hear a bit of Ring of Fire on Dub Experience?

King Creosote surely needs no introduction. You Just Want is the opening track off his 2016 album Astronaut Meets Appleman and I have just realised that it is longer than this week's Monday Long Song.

King Tubby -Dub Experience

King Creosote - You Just Want

1 comment:

  1. This is for voting on right? There's usually some semblance of similarity in the genres in this series but these two are on different planets! Not withstanding that blah blah I'm voting for King Creosote mainly because he's my new main man having discovered him through your blog over the past year or so. Dub though will go on for ever! Ring of Fire is sampled on his track - you can also hear it on King Tubby and the Aggravators' Version of Class on Blood and Fire 1975 - might even be the same track