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Saturday 1 December 2018

Memphis v Nashville 6

It takes a lot to beat the Pixies and Letter to Memphis (and not Nashville as I wrote last week)
However the tag team of Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra were up to the task with Let's Burn Ole Nashville Down.
The Nashvillians therefore now lead the Memphians by 3 to 2 and yes I did have to look that up.

This week we have a couple of crackers courtesy of the great Ernie Goggins the original Surfer of the Zeitgeist.
These are both new to me so I am making my decision after an initial listen.
In the Memphis corner we have Deep Soul artist Steve Dixon with the rather wonderful Sunday Afternoon in Memphis. All I have been able to find out about Steve is that his name was actually Steve Dickinson and that he came from and recorded in Mobile, Alabama

Nashville is represented this week by the r&b/ blues big voiced shouter Piney Brown or Columbus S. Perry to give him is Sunday name.Here Piney is extoling the virtues and dangers of Nashville Wimmen.

Thanks Ernie - I may well revisit your other contributions later on in the series.
So will Nashville extend it's lead or will Memphis draw level?
It is Steve Dixon and Memphis for me this week. Others, of course, may choose to differ.

Steve Dixon - Sunday Afternoon in Memphis

Piney Brown - Nashville Wimmen


  1. Steve Dixon for me. Two very fine songs today, but deep soul wins

  2. It's close, but I have to give my vote to Piney Brown.

  3. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to vote, but if I am it would be Steve

  4. Both pretty cool, but my vote goes to Mr. Dixon. Country Soul - reminds me of Larry Jon Wilson.

    I'm looking forward to the inevitable Neil Diamond (Memphis Flyer) / Jimmy Buffet (West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown) face-off. I doubt anyone else is.

  5. It's Steve Dixon for me - Suits the wistful mood I'm in today, Nashville Wimmen was too shouty.