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Friday, 21 December 2018

LSW Xmas Playlist December 2018

Like many of you, I suspect, my pals and I have a What's App chat group. It probably started out  with a serious purpose but has quickly degenerated into a platform for us to type complete and utter nonsense.

One of the Group invited contributions for a Xmas playlist which he was going to put on a cassette (as I say complete and utter nonsense) until it was pointed out that neither he nor the rest of us had the necessary technology.
So instead he curated a Spotify playlist here
We started out with some obscure and/or down right silly suggestions and then it went completely downhill from there - Genesis anyone?
He was however buzzin' as he thought he had smashed it but I am at a loss as to how Chinos Roasting on an Open Fire by Will Gant & the Chincams  failed to make the final cut.



  1. Am I the last remaining human to not use What's App, Spotify, iTunes or Netflix? I think I may be. I suddenly feel like my Dad.

  2. I use neither Spotify nor iTunes but am guilty of the other 2. Daughter signed us up for Netflix actually so only one out of my own free will.

  3. Aztec Camera and Cocteau Twins just about make Genesis forgivable. What the hell. It's the holidays. Genesis... forgiven.

  4. Well Swede, if your avatar really shows YOU, I can well imagine that you use neither of these things! For me it's only What's App (receiving (useless nonsense) only, never sending). Also I constantly use Netflix, because German telly is beyond belief these days!