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Sunday 17 December 2017

Some Sunday Fulks Music

It has been too long since  the great Robbie Fulks has graced these pages.
Here are a  couple of songs from his debut album Country Love Songs. From way back in 1996 it was the 11th record on the Bloodshot catalogue.
My copy seems to have initially belonged to Birmingham libraries.
Robbie is still going strong and has churned out a further dozen albums  mostly on Bloodshot with Geffen and Yep Roc also on the list.
He received a Grammy nomination for his latest album 2016's Upland Stories.

Robbie Fulks - Rock Bottom, Pop.1

Robbie Fulks - Papa Was a Steel-Headed Man


  1. A great musician who's (thankfully) hard to categorise. Been a fan since I heard "She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died)" about 20 years ago.

    1. That's the song that certainly caught my attention, and I'm sure CCs. Was it Andy Kershaw who played it on the radio?

    2. Kershaw for me. I used to spend a fortune on albums which AK played tracks from. Even real oldies such as "Denomination Blues" by Washington Phillips had me hunting down obscure labels.

    3. I'm glad George and Gram mentioned Andy Kershaw. I tracked down one of his programs on youtube and am enjoying his eclectic taste.

  2. Happy memories. Was lucky enough a couple of years ago to see him play in the tiny 12 Bar Club with Jon Langford, who I know you are a fan of. More happy memories.

  3. The album on Geffen was a tiny hiccup in an otherwise stellar career. Fulks owned Chicago during the years I lived there.