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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day Birthday Baleout

Hope you managed to survive the festivities.
It is Mrs CC's  birthday today (the day after the baby Jesus)

The plan is to not leave the house and to do absolutely nothing.
A few drinks (probably starting at breakfast ), some good food and some rubbish telly.
It's been a hard year with one thing and another and Mrs CC deserves to chillax and enjoy her day.
Here are a couple of her favourite tunes.
Happy birthday xx

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

George Harrison -My Sweet Lord


  1. Please pass on my birthday wishes.

  2. I happen to like both of these song too, Mrs. CC. I hope your day is wonderful.

  3. Have a splendid birthday Mrs CC, I hope CC spoils you rotten.

  4. I remembered it was your long-suffering partner's birthday, but forgot about the Baby Cheeses

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs CC.
    I may have mentioned this before but it is also Phil Spector's birthday 77 today. Not sure he will be getting a birthday cake where he is at the moment

  6. Clearly the Baby Jesus's birthday was just a trial run for the big one the day after. Many happy returns, Mrs CC

  7. A very happy birthday to Mrs CC.

  8. A now belated Happy Birthday to Mrs CC!

    Hope the day was an excellent one.