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Monday 4 December 2017

Peel Sessions - The Mighty Wah

I could well be wrong but I think that in addition to The Specials the only other  physical Strange Fruit Peel Sessions EP I have is by The Mighty Wah
Transmitted on 17th September 1984 with the catalogue number SFPS035 it is one of the ones with the bronze special metallic limited edition sleeves.
What to say about The Mighty Wah?More often than not there is an exclamation mark after the name but strangely not in this instance.
Along with Wah!, Wah!Heat, Shambeko!,JF Wah! and Wah! The Mongrel it is one of the many aliases showing off the talents of one Peter James Wylie.
In the late 70's when Liverpool was the  musical place to be he started out as part of the Crucial Three with fellow local legends Ian McCulloch and Julian Cope.

This Peel Session was recorded on or around the same time as the album A Word To The Wise Guy and contains a take on their most famous song The Story of the Blues Pt 1.

Some Peel Sessions from album compilations or other sources may appear at a later date

The Mighty Wah - Basement Blues;The Story of the Blues (Peel Session)

The Mighty Wah - Yuh Learn (Peel Session)


  1. "I think that in addition to The Specials the only other physical Strange Fruit Peel Sessions EP I have is by The Mighty Wah"
    Chack that spreadsheet!

  2. Think the one you are referring to is CD compilation of sessions as opposed to an EP but will double check in case there is another EP out there

  3. That is a great version of Story of the Blues. Have you bought Pete Sounds?

  4. Nice . Thanks CC. I've got Pete Sounds and am in two minds about some of the songs- what do you think of it Drew?

  5. Not bought it yet SA, a bit down the list

  6. Great selections, CC. I wish one of us in our little community would do a series on the Crucial Three.

  7. These are some great versions from The Mighty One! I am working on my take on Pete Sounds will be up on my blog in the next 10 days or so...

  8. I got half way through the final song and thought 'fucking hell, this could be a Meatloaf song'. I should go back to it and give it another go.

    1. You aren't far off SA...might I offer that it's the sound of The Pistols if they were produced by Jim Steinman....but I am giving a bit more than I may want to away here...

  9. Just checked and I haven't got a single Strange Fruit Peel Sessions album which is pretty incredible considering I've almost a hundred cassettes of 'edit' recorded Peel Shows on tape I made over a dozen or so years. When I reflect on Peel (I often do) I realise that there were loads of 'Peel type' bands that either passed me by or that I simply didn't like. The Mighty Wah! were one (2nd category). That's a tribute to the incredible breadth and scale of stuff he played, I suppose. He was truly phenomenal - younger people will simply never know that - and I ache for his absence.