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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Rock Lobster

You can hardly turn on the telly these days without witnessing a "celebrity" or two off on a travelogue or as I like to call it a jolly on the licence payer's expense.
There is always someone off to Kathmandu, the frozen North or the source of the Amazon.
Poor Julie Walters drew the short straw and got great coastal train journeys of the United Kingdom. On ITV so a poor man's Michael Portillo.
Unfortunately for Julie she didn't get to fraternize with tigers, polar bears or camels. No, the closest she got was lobsters and, in the highlight of the programme for me, this popped up as the background music.

I can't believe it has never featured before but that appears to be the case. Neither equally strangely has Planet Claire.
Rest assured I've given myself a severe talking to

The B-52's -Rock Lobster

The B-52's - Planet Claire


  1. Utter tunes, both of them.

  2. Is this the start of a crustacean-themed week?

  3. I still love their first record. That retro Rickenbacker sound was awesome. Still great songs. Great choice CC

  4. I still love them too. And love the sound of a crustacean-themed week. Bring on the crabs!

  5. Planet Claire is among my 50 Favorite Songs of All Time. But really anything for B-52's debut is the amazing.

  6. The debut is in the running for my favorite side 1 of all time. Never ever grows old.