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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Rumer Sings Bacharach at Christmas

I picked up this as a CD single recently for a quid.
I  assumed that it was a title of the single  was  also that of  an album of the same name but apparently not.
It seems to be pretty sought after  -6 quid plus on Amazon and 8 on Discogs

The first song Some Lovers is the Christmas one and features the man himself. It is a  Burt Bacharach and Steven Sater number  and is the title song of the musical of the same name.
Confession time now - although obviously very familiar with  the song Alfie I was totally unaware that it was a Bacharach and David song until now.And also a better version than Cilla!
Lovely stuff

Rumer - Some Lovers

Rumer - Alfie


  1. This is the perfect post for me at Christmas - Thanks CC.

    You might remember that I originally named my blog What's It All About, Alfie? as an homage to Bacharach and David (all of whose songs I adore). Also I love Karen Carpenter's voice and Rumer sounds very similar indeed so here we have a double whammy! A quid well spent I would say.

  2. Both of these are stunners, CC. Spare change well spent.

  3. She has a good voice CC. I wish the stuff that was highly sought after by me was 8 quid but you did indeed get yourself a bargain.

  4. Loved the songs! Keep it going! Thanks a lot! Have a great day. Miccoli

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  5. Yeah, Rumer has the voice Cilla wishes she had.