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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Low Christmas

The 1999 EP Christmas by Low is a record that has appeared here on previous Christmases and one which my workmates have never forgiven me for putting on one year during Christmas nibbles  instead of Maria Carey. Some people just have no taste.

Given that it  has features before most of the excellent originals such as Just like Christmas and Blue 
Christmas have graced these pages before I've decided to give you their take on two old favourites. They will both be familiar to you particularly Silent Night which has been recorded on at least 733 different occasions.
It has featured here before on four occasions by Al Green, Baby Washington. Richard Hawley and Lisi so only 728 to go.
Warning there may be up to a further 10 on the shelves!

Low -The Little Drummer Boy

Low - Silent Night

Johnny Cash will return next Saturday


  1. I was wondering if we might get a Christmas Cash cover comparison... But this will do just as well.

    1. I have a Johnny Cash Christmas album but it mainly consists of originals and the likes of Away in a Manger and Hark the Herald Angels Sing so nothing really to compare it to

  2. Yes your workmates and their nibbles - Not happy were they?

    Seriously though, to you and Mrs CC, have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Oh yes. The infamous Low/Nibbles Workplace Incident.

  4. Man do I hate radio. The rate of Mariah vs. everything else on the Christmas stations in these parts has been particularly ridiculous this year. I swear, these stations only have about a dozen songs that are considered for the air. There really are great holiday songs out there, folks. How about mixing it up a little? OK, I feel better now. Thank you.

  5. Love it. Always loved it. Happy Christmas CC.

  6. It was either December 2016 or 2015 that I saw Low play a Christmas set, followed by a regular 'greatest hits' set. It was a very good night indeed.