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Saturday 30 December 2017

Covered By Cash - Rowboat

After a brief break for the festive period the Covered by Cash series returns.
Last time round Johnny covered Tom Russell's Veteran's Day. Some felt it too close to call but Johnny eventually won out by four votes to two ( five to two if you count Shaggy the dog)
The score is now Cash 6 The Rest 3.

I had wanted to compare and contrast  the respective versions of the Beck song Rowboat. Trouble was I couldn't source a copy of the Beck version. Fortunately Ramone666 from the ever wonderful For the Sake of the Song duly obliged.
Then I hit a further problem in that for some reason I was unable to download Unchained the second in the American Recordings series and I therefore had to go and downoad a further copy of Johnny's version
I'd never heard the Beck original which is from his 1994 album Stereopathetic Soulmanure album before.
For me the Man in Black's version is far superior.

Others, of course, may choose to disagree

Johnny Cash - Rowboat

Beck - Rowboat


  1. Johnny Cash's version is tremendous. So is Beck's. I'll get back to you, after consulting with Shaggy (who has just peed on the bucket)

  2. we're not sure how to vote.......

  3. Johnny Cash. I might here a better song today.

  4. Impossible to choose as I love both - so let's call it a draw for once.

  5. I'm going for Johnny. His version just sounds more genuine to me.

  6. JC for me CC. Is there an echo in here?

  7. BECK all the way. The epic Leo LeBlanc on pedal steel pro-ing up the 22 year old Angeleno's genuine eclecticism.

  8. Late to the party this time but I'll go for the Johnny version. Off to visit your more recent posts now.

  9. Like Beck, but this one goes to The Man In Black.

  10. A tough call, but it's Johnny for me.