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Saturday 16 December 2017

Covered by Cash -Veteran's Day

He's back! Clear daylight again between Johnny and the rest with a pretty convincing win over Tom Waits with their respective versions of Down There by The Train. While Johnny's music is loved by everyone the same it would appear cannot by said for Mr Waits
It's now Cash 5 The Rest 3 - he's half way there (and living on a prayer).
Today's comparison comes once again courtesy of our good friend Ernie Goggins. Fresh from seeing the great Tom Russell in concert for the umpteenth time he has offered up two versions of Veteran's Day.

Tom's original is from 1990 and features on his album Poor Man's Dream. Johnny's version features on later versions of his album Boom Chicka Boom also originally released in 1990. It also appears on 2008's Wounded Heart of America where a number of singers pay their own homage to Tom.

Until now I didn't think  I've ever heard either version although it does sound vaguely familiar. Perhaps he sang it when I saw him live. After an initial listen it's a tough one as they are pretty much of a muchness. Maybe Tom slightly shades it for me.
Others of course may choose to disagree

Johnny Cash - Veteran's Day

Tom Russell - Veteran's Day


  1. Cash - Johnny makes it his own.

  2. Too close to call. I'll vote for both. (Half a point each, maybe?)

  3. Shaggy votes for Johnny Cash....

  4. It's Johnny again for me this week.

  5. I can't vote, obviously, but would just say that it is a shame Johnny didn't get to do more Tom Russell songs - his voice fits them like a glove

  6. Sorry, don't feel qualified to vote authoritatively, as I'd heard neither track until about 10 minutes ago. It's a pity that that same honest 'I don't know what I'm talking about' process wasn't applied by more people in the f'kin EU Referendum vote.