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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Hiss Hiss Hooray

Initially  I was  wondering whether it was too early to feature Heart like a Levee an album by Hiss Golden Messenger from October 2016  on the Merge label one of my purchases with last year's Christmas money.
However given that he has subsequently released Vestapul and Hallelujah Anyhow and a live album Parker's Picks Volume 1 I think that I am ok.Clearly going through a somewhat prolific patch.
When I say he as opposed to them that is because the band  consists of North Carolinian M.C.Taylor and a number of guest musicians.
Another artist making their CCM debut.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Biloxi

Hiss Golden Messenger - Heart Like a Levee


  1. I'm putting on my Grammar Nazi hat and pointing out that it's spelled "Biloxi". (Christmas stress perhaps?) Bonus points, however, for introducing me to 2 nifty songs from a band I don't know much about other than their weird name.

    1. Well done Gram for spotting my deliberate mistake to see who was paying attention.
      Duly amended.

    2. Get all the albums, Gram. HGM are splendid

  2. When I first saw the (now neatly amended) title, I was reminded that Iain Matthews (of Southern Comfort fame) did a song called "Biloxi" (written by Jesse Winchester) about 40 or so years ago on the wonderfully titled album "Some Days You Eat The Bear And Some Days The Bear Eats You".

    Different song though. Sorry for the involved explanation, but it was buggin' me.

  3. Hiss Golden Messenger albums have been on my birthday/Christmas wants lists now for 18 months plus. Clearly they're not mainstream enough for my family to have heard of 'em or for HMV to stock them. (You should know about my family's Amazon (bast*rds) boycott). Anyway, I've tweeted his Mahogany Dread track several times in that period. It's swoonfully gorgeous - check it out and treat yourself this Christmas. P.S Gram Lynch's post reminds me that Iain Matthews' SDYETBASDTBEY has also been on my want's list for more years than I care to remember.