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Thursday 7 December 2017

All You Need is Love

Alyson over at What's It All About? recently featured the  60's American psychedelic band Love zoning in on Forever Changes and the song Alone Again Or.

I commented that I have only featured them once before and that was around 5 years ago in the very early days of  CCM. Therefore they are probably well overdue another spin.
Their first three albums are on the shelves albeit  Da Capo is a burn. We shall feature them in chronological order.
The first album Love from 1966 has touches of psychedelia but also its fair share of folk and garage numbers. I picked up the 2001 issue in a charity shop with all the songs in both mono and stereo.We will stick with mono today.
The second album Da Capo is also from 1966 but by them the drugs had well and truly kicked in. You want proof? The entire second side of the album is a 19 minute jam called Revelation.
1967 saw the release of what ultimately came to be seen as their masterpiece Forever Changes. It failed to achieve commercial success at the time but regularly appears in the higher echelons in lists of the Greatest Albums of all time.
It certainly won't be another 5 years before they feature again.

Love - Signed D.C. (Mono mix)

Love - Seven & Seven Is

Love - A House is Not a Motel


  1. I can't believe that I didn't really know of Love before last week - Thought that first clip was very Nights In White Satin-ish at the start but then the second was very heavy - see what you mean above. Strange that Forever Changes wasn't really a success at the time but now on lists of Greatest Albums of all time - Can see why.

    Thanks for the mention by the way.

  2. Another band that I was introduced to by the older hippy types when I was in third or fourth year but I had already heard the name as Alice Cooper had covered Seven & Seven Is. When Arthur Lee toured back in the 1990s Shack were his backing band and they do a great cover of A House Is Not A Motel, Revelation is a great listen every now and again.

  3. I love their records since I heard them the first time in my very younger days. Good to know that there a people loving them as well.

  4. I love Love.


  5. As great as Forever Changes is my favorite song by Love is Alone Again Or, and Arthur Lee didn’t write that one. Came as a big shock when I discovered that. Love the Red Telephone too. Really just a perfect artifact to illustrate the period.

    1. Noticed that when I wrote my post about them - Oh the irony, a complete album given critical praise and the one song everyone seems to like best is one written by the other guy!

  6. Da Capo is a bum. Blimey I thought, he's a brave man coming out with that, he's bound to take a caning for that. Re-focusing I now see you wrote "Da Capo is a burn" Ha ha. I had the same thought about Revelation when I first heard it 40 odd years ago and haven't listened to it since. Now, I feel obliged to give it another go. Er thanks for that! On Sunday morning perhaps. My antidote will be Alone Again, Or which usually revives me in similar situations.