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Friday 8 December 2017

A Grand Don't Come For Free

Way back in 1973 Gram Parsons informed us that a decent wedding would set you back $1000.
That is of course assuming that the bride doesn't do a runner (or has she popped her  clogs?)
Whatever it results in the groom and his pals going on a bender of such magnitude that it's lucky they survived.
Don't you just love country music?

Step forward to 2017 and Brett Sparks is bemoaning the fact that these days 1000 dollars won't even buy you a decent second hand car.

Inflation, eh?

Gram Parson - $1000 Dollar Wedding

Evan Dando & Julianna Hatfield - $1000 Dollar Wedding

The Handsome Family -$1000 Dollar Car


  1. Three toptastic tunes. Handsomes particularly splendid

  2. I second the above statement.

  3. The Handsome Family song is on the Bloodshot Records 2017 sampler available on a name your price basis at Bandcamp

  4. Y'all put together quite a trifecta today, CC. Long live Bloodshot!

  5. 1000 Dollar Car was a song by The Bottle Rockets from their 1st album released way back in 1992.

    I loved their song "Nancy Sinatra".

  6. Thanks for that - did't have that Handsome Family song. Do now: like George, I went straight to buy the sampler.