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Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Broken Down Comforter Collection

The Broken Down Comforter Collection by Grandaddy is a 1999 CD containing tracks from the mini album A Pretty Mess by this One Band and the EP Machines Are Not She
Described pretty accurateley by the NME as patchy but with gems hidden on here iridescent enough to render the collection essential.

It has lain gathering dust on the Americana shelves for a good few years until Drew's recent posting of one of their songs had me dusting it down and giving it a spin.
From these two gems perhaps it should be refiled in the Indie section in closer proximity to The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev

Grandaddy - Wretched Songs

Grandaddy - For The Dishwasher


  1. Funnily enough, Grandaddy are next to both those bands on my shelves. I recently picked up one of Jason Lytle's solo albums and it's good to see he's still ploughing the same furrow.

  2. New music from Grandaddy in 2016 apparently. Good news.