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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Shock horror - CCM dips it's toes in 21st Century waters today with a Mojo compilation from May this year entitled Modern Life is Rubbish and subtitled Mojo presents 15 tracks of everyday British angst.

Another Nadine featuring today. Not the Americana combo but rather Geordie chanteuse Nadine Shah with Stealing Cars from her recent album Fast Food
Many of my favourite artists of the last couple of years have been female singers or bands and here is another.
Julie Campbell aka Lonelady with Bunkerpop from her Hinterland album.

And finally some Weegies who almost inevitably shone brightly but briefly.
The Amazing Snakeheads were surely the bastard love children of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Nadine Shah - Stealing Cars

Lonelady - Bunkerpop

The Amazing Snakeheads - Where Is My Knife


  1. Love the Snakeheads, very exciting love always on the cusp of turning into a shambles but alas they are no more. I think in about 10 years time their album will get the appreciation it deserves when someone re-discovers it.

  2. Best music mag CD of the year and I agree with Drew on the Snakeheads.