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Monday, 14 December 2015

Stranraer Americana - Lambchop

Brian I hope you are sitting down - there is now a Lambchop album on the CC shelves!
Yes 2002's Is a Woman is the third of the Stranraer Eight to be liberated from the Marie Curie shop.

Described at the usual reference place as a combination of austere arrangements and minimalist instrumentation.
I must admit I am still not totally convinced but it is getting slightly better each time I play it and My Blue Wave is achingly beautiful.
Maybe it's just me but I find it a tad pretentious in places and I feel that  Kurt Wagner is trying to be too clever on occasions.
Mrs CC on the other hand thinks it is the pick of the bunch.

I could perhaps yet be converted.

Lambchop - My Blue Wave

Lambchop - Autumn's Vicar


  1. Splendid, splendid. And big faves of our blogging chum Singing Bear.

  2. Yes, 'Is A Woman' - my favourite album by one of my all time favourite bands. Utterly wonderful.

  3. There's one Lamchop album here, which I think I've played twice. And the last time over ten years ago. Maybe today's choices are better.

  4. I could play that first one agin, but More Tea Vicar - not for me

  5. I'm sitting, and this makes my day.

  6. Like George I have one Lambchop album that I bought over a decade ago after others raving about it, listened to it and filed it. Not for me

  7. CC

    Not sure if your copy had the bonus disc attached. If not,then one of the songs - a mighty cover of goth anthem This Corrosion - is available today at T(n)VV.

    1. It doesn't JC -but then again at 75p don't suppose I can grumble
      Will check out This Corrosion later today. Happy new Year to you and Mrs VV