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Monday, 7 December 2015

Stranraer Americana - Nadine

The second installment in this series - eagerly awaited by George, Rol  and The Swede. Hopefully they will not be disappointed.

Like No Depression I thought that I had Back to My Senses by Nadine their debut album from 1997 on Glitterhouse the excellent German label.
Again it turns out that I hadn't and it now joins 1999's Downtown, Saturday and 2001's Lit Up From the Inside on the shelves.
The band consisted of Adam Reichmann, Todd Schnitzer, Steve Rauner and Bill Reyland.
One of only two bands I've ever seen in Helensburgh here  and here
Antic Ocean by Jolene, the other Helensburgh band, was also on the Stranraer shelves but I knew I had it.

Installment three to follow.

Nadine - Back To My Senses

Nadine - Sleep Next To You


  1. Excellent - one I'm not familiar with at all. I shall look forward to hearing them later. Thanks for the plug also.

  2. Nadine? A band I've never seen outside my own collection. Marvellous stuff. Who next, Wagon? Granfaloon Bus? Hazeldine? Locust Fudge?
    ('In the Gloaming' by Jolene is one of my favourites from that period).

    1. One of the bands you mentioned will feature Swede!
      Three of the names you have mentioned are new ones on me

  3. Somebody's chucked out some belting records.