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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Let's Have a Party

I was playing the Columbia Rockabilly compilation Volume I the other day when The Collins Kids popped up with Party their version of the Jessie Mae Robinson song more commonly known as Let's Have a Party.

This had me looking out the definitive version by the Queen of Rockabilly herself Wanda Jackson. This in turn took me in the direction of Bloodshot's compilation Hard-Headed Woman:A Celebration of Wanda Jackson. Here Wayne Hancock does the honours.

The Collins Kids -Party

Wanda Jackson - Let's Have a Party

Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party


  1. Hadn't heard Wayne Hancock's take before. It's good, but odd that he went for a fade at the end. It's Wanda's version for me.

  2. The Train sounds good but have to agree with you fellas on Wanda. Bottom line is this is a great song.