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Monday, 21 December 2015

An Americana Christmas

Over the last few months my interest in Americana music appears to have been rekindled and to celebrate that fact I am offering up a couple of Americana posts with a festive theme

We start with Terry Allen from Lubbock, Texas the birthplace of Buddy Holly with a song from his 1999 album Salivation where he is celebrating X-mas on the Isthmus of Panama .
Terry is followed by the ever cheerful Mary Gauthier who takes things one step further by celebrating Christmas in Paradise.

More non- traditional Festive fayre tomorrow

Terry Allen - X-mas on the Isthmus

Mary Gauthier - Christmas in Paradise


  1. The Terry Allen song title - very very good. It's a more amusing song than the "stealing a christmas tree for K-Mart" song by Mary Gauthier.

  2. I'm particularly partial to a bit of Terry Allen, but these are both very good.