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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Texas Tornados

The Texas Tornados have appeared briefly before on CCM in the dim and distant past as part of the Mexican Monday series.
It is about time they appeared again.
I could wax lyrical about them but I think that listing the band members should suffice - legends one and all

Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Freddie Fender and the mighty Flaco Jiminez

Oh, and in answer to Swiss Adam's query I managed to squeeze twelve Monday's out the series plus a New Mexican Monday.

Texas Tornados - Who Were You Thinkin' Of

Texas Tornados - (Is Anyone Going To) San Antone


  1. The two best songs you've posted.........since the last time you posted two good songs. It's those Flaco flourishes that make it for me

  2. Looks like you've posted tracks 1 and 8 from The Best Of The Texas Tornados, a copy of which sits on the shelves up here in the music room.

  3. I don't remember asking the question but thanks for the answer.

    I don't remember lots of stuff at the moment...