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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve which can only mean two things.
It's a Wonderful Life and Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift to You

I shall raise a glass and wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas

The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

No apologies for yet another Darlene Love posting!


  1. One can't have enough Darlene, right? So no need to apologize here!

    A very merry Christmas, CC, to you and and your family!

  2. We should all be posting this one. This album, and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) in particular, is without peer. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve, CC. All the best.

  3. No apologies required CC. Tuneage of the highest order.
    Have a cool yule y'all.

  4. Happy Christmas CC.
    Swiss Adam

  5. Happy Christmas to you and your family, CC. And to George and his wife, if he happens to read this.

  6. The Spector Christmas album will be on the turntable come midday when I intend to shut the work laptop and not look at it again until the 5th Jan.

    All the best to you and yours CC.

  7. Clink clink - have a very happy Christmas, CC, and to your family too. Look forward to future posts.

  8. Happy Christmas CC, and to the family.
    A great album, one of the few Xmas records I own.

  9. All the best for the holidays, Mr. & Mrs. CC! You can't beat that Darlene Love track.

  10. Happy Christmas CC, all the best to you and yours.