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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Some Sunday Soul

For every horrendous Soul cover of a Jimmy Webb classic (Smokey) there is also a truly astonishing and ground breaking masterpiece,
From Hot Buttered Soul his second studio album from 1969 on the Stax label here is the mighty Isaac Hayes accompanied by The Bar-Keys with his version of By The Time I Get to Phoenix.

Given that  is 18 minutes and 42 seconds long you will forgive me if I don't feature a second track.
Besides, who could follow this?

More Soul next Sunday

Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get to Phoenix


  1. I love "Hot Buttered Soul", CC, especially his version of "Walk On By." The 40th anniversary edition contained the single edit . . . at a mere 6:46! ;-)

  2. Well that's me done for the morning. Staggering stuff.

  3. By the time Isaac Hayes finishes his spoken intro I think Glen Campbell had been to Phoenix and back

  4. Remember the first time I heard this album. Jaw dropping stuff.
    Swiss Adam

  5. @ George - I haven't even had my morning coffee yet, but your comment put a grin on my face! ;-)

  6. I had just opened my blog today and was scrolling through my reading list as Mr SDS walked past behind me, glancing at my screen just fleetingly. "Isaac Hayes?" he asked as he made his way up the stairs. "Hot Buttered Soul? I'd recognise that head anywhere".