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Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Return of The Primitives

In 2012 The Primitives returned with Echoes and Rhymes their first full length album in 21 years
This album features 14 recordings of lesser known female fronted songs and follows on from their 4 track Never Keep a Secret from 2011 which covered Breakaway by Toni Basil  and Need All the Help I Can Get  a Lee Hazlewood song recorded by Suzi Jane Hokom.

All 14 songs are pretty good but the pick of  the bunch for me is track 2 Turn Off the Moon  a b-side to a single called Lolita Ya Ya from the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick's Lolita originally recorded by 14 year old Sue Lyon.
This is followed by The Witch a track from Paradise of Sounds an LP by Germany's Adam and Eve.

Terrific stuff - pop music at it's best

The Primitives - Turn Off The Moon

The Primitives - The Witch


  1. Strangely I was playing Stop Killing Me just last night and was wondering what the album from last year, or so I thought, sounded like.

  2. These are probably the best two tracks on the album, I reckon, though overall it was a strong comeback. There was an album last year Drew, called 'Spin-O-Rama'. It was, as they say, 'patchy'. Some classic Prims sounds, but it definitely sounds like they were short of material.

  3. Echoes and Rhymes is brilliant stuff! Have to say Spin-O-Rama was a fave of mine last year.

  4. Nice. Never knew they were back.

  5. I liked Spin-O-Rama quite a bit more than you did. Echoes and Rhymes was great too.