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Friday 21 August 2015

A Hitchcock Thriller

Music is the antidote
To the world of pain and sorrow

In this small corner of the blogosphere there is a lot of love for former Soft Boy and national treasure Robyn Hitchcock..
I do not have nearly enough of his material.
However I recently picked up a second hand copy of  Olé! Tarantula his 16th album from 2006 from Missing Records  -a fine companion to the  live EP Sex, Food, Death ... and Tarantulas.
It is his first with the Venus 3 - Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin and as per usual it is of an impressively high standard full of great songs with surreal lyrics. Belltown Ramble in particular is absolutely majestic.
His music should be taught in schools.

Oops have to go now - someone has activated The Cheese Alarm.


  1. Great band, CC. I'm not sure if I put this outfit in front of the Egyptians, but still very good. What do you think? Have you seen the documentary Robyn Hitchcock: Sex, Food, Death... and Insects? It was produced during the album you highlighted today. Well worth your time, especially if you enjoy this period and the live EP you mentioned.

    1. A close call Brian wouldn't like to choose.Haven't seen the documentary but would imagine that it is rather good

    2. Thanks for the reminder Brian. I never got around to it at the time, but watched it on YouTube last night. Highly recommended.

    3. Watched it over the weekend - terrific stuff

  2. You can never have enough Robyn in your life. I stopped by and listened to these tunes again this morning and 'Belltown Ramble' has been my earworm all day.