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Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Desert Reservation

Jacques the Kipper's recent Desert Island Discesque post at JC's place had me reaching to the shelves for some Beth Orton and in particular Central Reservation.
 It is a fairly recent acquisition and one which I have to confess that I have only given a cursory listen up until now.
Needless to say that after a listen in the car the other day I am now pretty much hooked.
A couple of songs for your listening pleasure.

One thing bugging me is that I'm sure I've heard Pass in Time recently but not by Beth. I see it was written by Dr Robert of The Blow Monkeys but it was not by them either. Can anyone out there shed any light on this?

Beth Orton - Sweetest Decline

Beth Orton - Pass in Time


  1. Here cover of I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine, originally by the Ronettes is beautiful.

  2. But that's on the previous album.

  3. Some of Beth's stuff is really great.