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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Smithereens Smashes

Round about 1996 or 1997 I travelled to Boston for a couple of weeks to visit a pal who had got a job there.
I had an interesting time wandering about whilst he was working and drinking far too much beer when he wasn't.
My wanderings took me to several second hand record shops and I know for a fact that I came away with a good few CDs. However for the life of me I cannot say with absolute certainty which of my many CDs came from this trip.With one exception.
I am 100% sure that my copy of 11 the 1989 album  by The Smithereens was purchased there.
I'm not at all sure how they crossed my radar but I'm pretty certain that it wasn't a totally random choice.I think I may have been familiar with A Girl Like You
It has been a while since I've played this until now and there are some good power pop songs on the album.These two in particular
Having said that I have never really felt the urge to explore them further.

The Smithereens - A Girl Like You

The Smithereens - Blues Before and After


  1. If you ever feel that urge, go for the two LP's that immediately preceded this one, 'Especially For You' and 'Green Thoughts', both terrific powerpop (for the want of a better term) albums.

    1. Could be tempted in the unlikely event that I ever see them in a charity shop

  2. Lead singer Pat DiNizio is a pretty interesting guy. Ran the XM satellite radio channel for unsigned bands for years. He also tried to become a U.S. senator in the state of New Jersey about 15 years ago. Ran on the Reform Party ticket the same time Pat Buchanan was trying to become president as the Reform Party ticket. Not a very rock 'n' roll, but at least he did refuse to endorse Buchanan. The Swede is right on with his album choices, by the way.