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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Some Sunday Soul

Sugar Pie

For today's Some Sunday Soul selection we are revisiting the first record ever to feature on Charity Chic Music way back on the 25th of November 2012.
No Angels is a compilation of soul songs taken from the Channel 4 TV series of the same name about a group of hard living and hard drinking nurses.
I Had a Talk with my Man by Mitty Collier was the song that featured way back then.

It is a pretty good album featuring some big names such as Aretha, Etta, Gladys,Nina and Marvin & Tammi together with some reasonable cover versions of a number of soul standards.
Today we will focus on two of the lesser known acts.
We start with the wonderfully named Sugar Pie De Santo or Umpeylia Marsema Balinton to give her real name.She is 4ft 11 inches tall and I'm happy to report that she is still with us at the ripe old age of 79.
Sugar Pie is followed by The Flirtations with Nothing But a Heartache. It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, a song vastly superior to the one of the same name from Bonnie Tyler.

More Soul next Sunday

Sugar Pie DeSanto - Can't Let You Go

The Flirtations - Nothing but a Heartache


  1. Spiffing. I first came across Sugar Pie on numerous very fine Northern Soul compilations back in the early 90's. Never looked back. The Flirtations I'd alomost forgotten about. Didn't they have a couple of chart hits in the early 70's?

  2. Two absolute crackers. Nothing can dent my affection for the Flirtations track, even its use on that KFC ad.


  3. The Flirtations track might be the best song I hear today.

  4. .......until I get out The Best of Bonnie Tyler, that is

  5. Ah the Flirtations is just perfect. As is the thought of a 79-year old 4ft 11" Umpeylia Marsema Balinton!